BRLSI (Bath Royal Literary Scientific Institution) is an important cultural organisation. Located in Bath since 1824, it has collected over 150,000 unique objects from all over the world. In autumn 2020, the institution secured a ‘Forward to the Future’ Art Fund grant to develop a new website, a stand- alone ‘Artefact Journey App’ and an exhibition in the BRLSI’s galleries in Queen Square.

Four significant objects from the collection have been identified to tell the story of this fascinating institution. The objects selected have been chosen because of their variety of forms, interesting background stories and close relationship with Bath.

Below is a sample of work I created which were used in collages to support four narrative trails within the BRLSI’s Bath Discovery Trail App. The app is available to download on the App Store.

Below is a selection of artwork I created in different mediums featured in collages within the app: