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daphne oram forensic architecture: using acoustics and sound to construct syrian jail the conversation / sound design
walther mursch on the conversation –
george the poet: podcasts taking the rap: len lye
acoustic mirrors / early radar systems
searching for sugar man
beatrice dillon sophie clements / music video / sound art ruff mercy / music video Tango by Zbigniew Rybczyński (1980)
listening for silence (article) Way finding / audio responsive typography
The wayfinding system that responds to sound
sound and interaction visualising sound:
Visualizing Sound – Representations of Sound in Contemporary Creation
letterpress / sound design / 2 weeks 2 minutes:
christine sun kim / sound art
ryoji ikeda / sound and data Delia Derbyshire
Kelly Moran
Oneotrix Point Never
Mark Leckey
Brian Eno
Wire Magazine some other links From the Stacks: The Beatles – White Album (With Inserts)
David Rudnick: A Unique Vision
David Rudnick’s Portfolio is a Codex for Electronic Music Design

From Session 1 / 24.3.20

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